"Repetitive patterns and design are in every landscape and when these elements intersect…that’s my shot."

Catherine Hartigan

Meet the Artist

I began to draw and paint when I was ten years old.  Analyzing photographs and rendering by breaking down color, line and texture using a grid. 

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Photo Gallery

As a freelance photographer, my creative journey is about capturing images that are vivid with simple, bold color. With a love of travel, I’ll explore wherever my lens takes me.

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Like what you see? For more information or to purchase prints, just reach out.

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What’s your magic?

“Ultimately, no matter where you are in your life, you have a power that is only yours.” We all have some magic to offer: strength, knowledge, peace.

Just Beachy

A beach is not really a place… it’s a mindset. When you think of the beach, what do you envision?

Bahamian Rhapsody

Rhapsody in music is defined as a one-movement work that is integrated, free-flowing, with highly contrasted moods and color. It has an air of spontaneous inspiration and a sense of improvisation.

Dishing with the Dogs

What’s better than a day at the spa or even just a mani/pedi?  Our four-legged friends have the same idea…ahhhh a bath, a clip and a blow dry!  Here’s a typical day at the Groom Room in Ridgefield, CT.  These images capture some very happy dogs who are truly enjoying the pampering!   As a long time customer of The Groom Room…it was great  “dishing with the dogs” about what kind of pampering goes on in the back room. Canine smiles all around and some were not the least...


This is the second field trip that my friend and fellow photographer Peggy Garbus and I have taken together.  Last year we headed to the Garden of Ideas in Ridgefield, CT and had a great day of shooting.  Peggy describes our adventure in her blog: Garden of Ideas. This time we chose some basic elements of design: color, line, texture, and set out in South Norwalk to see what we could find.  Joined by Peggy’s high school intern Devin Benison, we were armed with our cameras and blank memory...

Inspirational Spaces

A few years ago, I clipped a photo from a magazine that embodies my ultimate working environment. It’s a small space with a drafting table, windows on three sides overlooking the dunes and ultimately the ocean. Pretty sweet! I can’t imagine anyone not liking that set-up. Maybe you have a real or “dream space” of your own.

When to Hit the Reset Button

When my hair dryer shuts off, there’s a button you push to get it started again.  A small, red “reset” or “test” button on the cord that restores power. It might be a pretty good metaphor in life. We all have some kind of ritual or practice that helps us to re-charge.  Last week I found myself at the beach on several occasions, shooting photos or walking my pups.  After the first visit,  it was so peaceful and restorative that I was enticed to go back a few more...

Dog Portraits: More than just a Pretty Snout

Inspired by this pose, courtesy of my girl Ruby, I set out to begin a series of dog portraits with special emphasis on their “noses” or “snouts” as my husband calls them. After a few photo sessions with my canine friends and “their humans,” I began to see or maybe not see something. As I cropped with the camera and later with the images, it became clear that something was missing.  Capturing images of a nose without eyes, I was truly missing their personality. The spirit, twinkle and even a...

The Art Connection

Six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world. On our way to grab dinner before our opening reception on Saturday, Nanci Hersh and I talked about how often this rings true in our lives.  Our reception that night was all about introductions to new faces and reminiscing with old friends but our connection to everyone was through the art on the walls. In her blog “See For Yourself” Nanci Hersh...

Air and Space

Air and Space makes me think of the museum in Washington DC.  It’s a great place to see the largest collection of aircrafts and all things in-flight. When my son was little, he loved the planetarium and IMAX movies. But “air and space” took on a whole new meaning for me this summer while vacationing near the water.   Let’s just say I took to the skies and pointed my lens upward with some very cool results. Living in a rural suburb with an abundance of trees, you miss out on...