Harbor Lights

We are always checking out boats in harbors and docks.  My husband grew up sailing and loves to provide me with the history and specs of every vessel. During our annual Vineyard trip this year, we did our usual harbor walk.

While Jack rattled on about the boats, I could not stop noticing the hulls.  They all have a history.  Some old, peeling, rusted, colorful; others are sleek, shiny and new.

It’s really the waterline where the hull meets the water that has a unique reflective quality.  This is where the light dances and creates beautiful design and movement.  The colors are always different and the light bounce from the water is ever changing.

Which brings me to this shot and a new appreciation for the beauty of the “hull”.  I’ve decided to include this image in my upcoming show at the Transformations Gallery in NJ with painter and friend Nanci Hersh because of the net-like quality of the light.

“Catching Up” opens on September 21st and includes my photographs and Nanci’s paintings with recurring images of nets in our work.