Always looking for color, line and texture.

I began to draw and paint when I was ten years old. Analyzing photographs and rendering by breaking down color, line and texture using a grid. While studying fine arts in college, I purchased my first Canon and began to translate these design elements in my viewfinder. My work is about creating images with a lens that are reminiscent of dipping into a colorful can of paint. I crop and frame the canvas, then look for those three elements that create movement and design. In essence, I am still drawing but without a pencil; still painting but without a physical canvas.

No matter where I travel, somehow I always end up near the water feeding my obsession with the beauty of a boat and the way it rests in the water. Some of my most poignant images are abstract water reflections shot on Long Island Sound and Martha’s Vineyard.

Growing up in New Jersey, I spent many summers at the shore, where I likely developed my strong connection to the water. Today, I live in Connecticut with my husband and Ginger, the crazy spaniel.

Sharing my passion for animals, I lend a hand to local rescue organizations by photographing fundraising events.