Peregrine Winery, NZ

We spent a few days traveling to different wineries in the Central Otago region of the South Island, New Zealand.  Setting out to enjoy great food and wine we found ourselves equally passionate about the stunning landscape. Spectacular vineyards were flanked by ancient, weathered mountains ranges.


It’s ironic that I found such beauty in one of the winery’s more rustic buildings.  On the opposite side is a very modern structure known for its award winning architecture.  The design and construction mimics the rotation of a bird in flight (ie the Peregrine Falcon). To learn more about Peregrine Winery and its unique architecture, click here.

The overcast sky really set the tone for this shot and directs your focus to the reflective water. If it were a clear day, the mood and focus would have been much different.  The light was beautifully balanced and a gentle breeze created nice movement in the grasses. Line and texture are really important to me when I look in the viewfinder. It has to have the right combination of both to create interest and allow your eye to move around the image. Trained as a studio artist, it’s a very natural process for me.

Travel photography does not always give you the luxury of multiple shots.  You have to be selective but make sure that technically you have what you need before moving on. In this case, mother nature supplied a few key elements and the rest was up to me and my lens!