Sky Piece 4

Air and Space makes me think of the museum in Washington DC.  It’s a great place to see the largest collection of aircrafts and all things in-flight. When my son was little, he loved the planetarium and IMAX movies.

But “air and space” took on a whole new meaning for me this summer while vacationing near the water.   Let’s just say I took to the skies and pointed my lens upward with some very cool results.

Living in a rural suburb with an abundance of trees, you miss out on what that big horizon has to offer.  So every night as sunset approached, I studied the sky.  My personal planetarium or IMAX movie…if you will.  It was pretty amazing how quickly changes took place and the relationship of color and space.

In one hour, I shot every 10 minutes with varying exposures. It’s always breathtaking when the sun finally meets the horizon, but what I captured in the minutes before was even more spectacular.

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