Six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world.

On our way to grab dinner before our opening reception on Saturday, Nanci Hersh and I talked about how often this rings true in our lives.  Our reception that night was all about introductions to new faces and reminiscing with old friends but our connection to everyone was through the art on the walls.

Artist in the crowd DSC00613
Catching Up Artists Reception
photo by Judy Weinberg

In her blog “See For Yourself” Nanci Hersh talks about the energy of the evening, “Our work spoke to each other from across the room while the non stop flow of people mingled, mixed and reunited.”


Art Opening DSC00602
“Muriwai” archival print 20˝x 24˝ © Catherine Hartigan
“Blue Knots” archival print 20˝x 24˝ © Catherine Hartigan
photo by Judy Weinberg


Caryl, Nanci, Cathie DSC00618
Caryl Felicetta of Think Plan C, Nanci Hersh and Catherine Hartigan
“Deep Blue with Red” acrylic on canvas 36˝x 48˝ © Nanci Hersh
photo by Judy Weinberg

Transformations Gallery is a great venue to showcase Nanci’s koi paintings and my photographs. If you missed us this weekend, I will be at Transformations at the Old Franklin School in Metuchen, NJ on Sunday, October 13th for a Gallery Walk.  The show runs through November 16th so please stop by!