A few years ago, I clipped a photo from a magazine that embodies my ultimate working environment.  It’s a small space with a drafting table, windows on three sides overlooking the dunes and ultimately the ocean. Pretty sweet! I can’t imagine anyone not liking that set-up.  Maybe you have a real or “dream space” of your own.

“Decks and Docks” © 2014 Catherine Hartigan Photography

No matter where you work or what you do…it’s important to be inspired by your surroundings.  I had this in mind while creating a plan for the conference room at Northwestern Mutual – Stamford’s new office.   The room had a good start, a blond wood conference table and a beautiful blue accent wall.  But it needed some energy and inspiration.  So here is the end result:

“Decks and Docks” ©2014 Catherine Hartigan Photography

Many thanks to Lisa and Phil Bender of Northwestern Mutual for the opportunity to transform this space into a creative work environment. Thank you Kara Bingaman of Evolved Home for your hanging expertise.

Maybe your office or workspace could use some new energy? Take a look and let me know if I can help. Here’s to creative thinking, increased productivity and an inspirational place to work!